About Us

Mr.Marcel Bergevin brings to Simax several decades of experience in the field of construction as a master carpenter and interior systems installer. Working in both the commercial and residential sectors, his clients, from prestigious areas such as Westmount, Town of Mount Royal, Hampstead, the Plateau and Old Montreal, are demanding and understand quality. Simax has not left their clients disappointed.


Original Decorative Brick Represented a Colossal Undertaking


In the early 1990s, just finding bricks for interior decorating was a time-consuming undertaking. The brickshad to be bought in specialized outlets, if they existed, or demolition sites. The weight of the bricks often caused structural problems and the structure of the residence had to be reinforced. The rarity of the bricks, the different shapes and varied colors drove up the prices. Specialized equipment was also needed to cut the brick. Because of the constant demand for decorative bricks by clients, a solution had to be found. It was at this point that Mr. Bergevin came up with an innovative product that started a new industry.


SIMAX—An Interior Decorative Brick That Started a New Industry


Anyone who knows the Bergevin Family knows they are innovators. In 1996, Marcel and his brother founded Simax, Inc. with the purpose of addressing the problem of decorative, interior brick for their clients. They had the know-how and criteria. The bricks would have to be lightweight, easy to install with no need for a special skill, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, economical, available in large quantities and having the visual appearance and texture of a real brick. With passion, a lot of determination, several years of research and after enormous trial and error, they had the perfect recipe.


It was so new and creative that they obtained a patent for the product. The secret mix, coupled with the patent, allowed Simax to create a brick that had different shades in each box giving the brick a unique, realistic appearance while meeting all the criteria set out initially. Simax became so adept that they could replicate bricks from any era or geographic location.


Starting the launch and marketing in the early 2000s, they have succeeded to win over the large hardware outlets such as Rona, Home Depot, and Lowes. The product is available to everyone at an affordable price, in different colors, and in any quantity. The company has become the pioneer in its category and revolutionized the world of decorative bricks. A Cutting-edge Research and Development Department


Innovators never stop with one product. Simax, Inc. is constantly innovating and has a multitude of products on the market. Recently, the company began the production of concrete tables that have a distinctive weather-worn look so many customers are seeking.